Shantvan Neuropsychiatric clinic founded in 2015

My cllinic is committed to provide my patients with comprehensive, quality and compassionate Mental care treatments.
My clinic is specially designed to make you feel special and comfortable during treatment.

My clinic is a hospital implying latest technology, well equipped, with hygiene care for patients. I emphasize on “Quality is First and Foremost”.
To Promote and advance the subject of Psychiatry and allied sciences in all their different branches.
To provide mental health care based on state-of-the-art technology and expertise at a cost ensuring value for money.
To provide a delightful ambience and excellent comprehensive care with a human touch, by integrated team work and quality systems with monitoring and feed back.
To carryout continuous upgradation of technology in a congenial and safe environment
Promote research in the field of psychiatry and mental health. Propagate the principles of psychiatry and current development in psychiatric thought.
Deal with any matters relating to mental health concerning the society